Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Alissa Apicella
Lynchburg, Virginia



The scar in the picture is of my knee and it is one of many. About two summers ago I was on vacation in Colorado with my aunt, my uncle and my cousin. While there we went to this amusement park type of thing. The first ride we decided to go on was the Mountain Slide. It was this humongous mountain with a track wrapped around it. In fact it was so big that in order to get to the top we had to ride a ski lift. At the top there we two lines; beginner (the slower one) or experienced (the faster one). We decided to first go on the beginner one. It was fun, I got to ride on this little car, down the whole mountain. Now after a few times of riding it we got up enough nerve to try the experienced track. My cousin was a little scared so I told her to go first and I would follow. So she went and I followed, everything was ok until about the middle of the course. All of a sudden this buy comes speeding down from behind and BOOM! rams his car smack into mine. I go tumbling off and scrap against the fiberglass track as this kid pushes me from behind. As I scrambled to roll off the track I see this kid go zooming passed me laughing. So at this point I m on the mountain, my cousin is far ahead of me and I feel like I m going to pass out because of the pain. Somehow I make it down the mountain and find my cousin and we go to the first aid center. The woman there then explains to me that they are second degree burns and get about fifty people a day who had the same injuries (No one had informed me of that). As the woman was examining me I passed out, they said it was from the burns and dehydration from the high altitude. In the end I ended up with two scars on each shin, I m on my knee, one on each arm, one on my left wrist and a small one on my cheek (which luckily went away). So now I have eight scars on my body and one dramatic story.