Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Eugene Chang
Ithaca, New York USA



I was in mid-air when I realized that the shadow that was under me, was growing larger as I headed closer and closer to the pavement. My brand-new bike that was only one week old was laying behind me, seemingly very innocent.
It was only moments earlier where I decided to take a joy ride around my block. I knew I had to be inside in a few minutes so I took off around the block, going full speed. To me, this brand new bike meant better brakes, gears, handling, shocks, etc. I went around on each curb, testing everything until I got the idea to test out the breaks. I took the turn around the final corner, accelerating as fast as I could. I hit both breaks, making the mistake of crushing the front one too hard. I was flying head first over my handlebars before I knew what had happened.
It was a compound fracture, where the bone had popped through when I landed on my right hand. Because of this, I had 9 metal screws and 2 plates put in (one on both bones, the other scar you can't see) from surgery and all removed about 2 years later. This all happened in 6th grade, right before the end of the year. With these two scars on my arm, I'm reminded of not only of what happened that day, but to not press the front brake that hard! Hey, at least I got a lot of chocolate out of the whole deal.