Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Kathleen Curry
Tacoma, Washington USA



My scar doesn't photograph very well, but it's on my left calf. When I was in sixth grade I had a framed New Kids on the Block poster that I stepped on in a moment of passionate distaste for the group that had broken my heart by breaking up. I then gathered up the glass into a paper bag, put it by my bedroom door and forgot about it.
Days later, my brother and I got into a fight one morning before school. He was chasing me throughout the house, so I ran upstairs and shut my bedroom door. Bryan decided that instead of trying to get in, he would do his best to keep me from getting out. He pulled on the door with all of his 8 year old might, and I pulled equally hard on my end, trying to open it despite him. All of a sudden, as I began to scream for our parents, he let go, the door knob turned, and the door flew open, launching me back onto the paper bag full of broken glass.
The glass cut into my calf all the way to the bone, and was really freaking gross. I had to have this ridiculous bandage on my leg for forever, and even got out of PE for a couple of days. It sucked, though, because my best friend was having a pool party that night, and I was unable to partake in the chlorinated goodness. Sad face.