Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Claire DeShazer
Pell City, Alabama USA



This scar on my left ankle is from a gash I got when I was pushed into the lake- Last summer, I had my school friends over for a "back to school" party. The guys, as they usually do, got a little rough with their game of trying to push the girls into the water. I guess it is exhilarating to hear young girls shrieking and then suddenly splash in to the cold, muddy water, knowing that they can't do anything to get revenge. One guy saw me standing innocently on the dock and decided I needed to take a dip. Next thing I knew, he was coming toward me. I threw my drink onto the dock and then I was in the water. I knew I had hit my foot on a rock on the bottom, this had happened often. I was too embarrassed to act like I cared I was in the water, so, I gradually made my way to the ladder and hoisted myself up on the dock which was covered with my drink I had hurled at the guy. When I looked at my foot, it was gushing blood. I didn't say anything, just limped up the hill into the house. My mom was in the kitchen preparing food. I told her I had cut my foot, and when she looked at it, we both realized that I had indeed cut it badly. I bandaged it up and went back down to the lake. I still wanted to swim, so I applied layers and layers of tape around my ankle to keep infection out. I went tubing all afternoon, and didn't think about my foot until the next day when I had to put on shoes for volleyball practice.