Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Wolfgang G.



The diagnoses: Heel-bone fracture (multiple)
The treatment: Open reduction with an internal fixation one metal plate and 8 screws (will not be removed - not really good from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective) - the surgeon was satisfied with the result of his work.
The prehistory: I most likely injured that heel-bone already 8 months before the incident, when I jumped from a bunk bed. At that time I thought that I strained my ligament, therefore I did not go to a hospital to get medical treatment and therapy.
The incident: I jumped from something like 6 feet height to shortcut a stairway. I am not very heavy, I know the laws of gravity but I was not conscious that 1 already had some small not properly healed fractures on that bone.
Nevertheless I am not really sure why I jumped. Probably I was distracted by something but on the other hand it felt like doing something very natural. Right now (six months have passed) I do not care (anymore) why or how something like that could happen. Infact the accident helped me through a difficult period of time (at least for a short term) by structuring my daily routines. After the time in the hospital the work with my therapist and the doctors kept me quite focussed and taught me on a very pragmatic level how to tackle certain problems. I guess all in all I am more a thinker than a doer, but I was not in handling the outcome of the accident and it feels good to know that I was able to do so.