Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Ellen Hadley
Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA



When I was little (maybe 7 years old) I had a mole on the right side of my waist removed by a doctor. It was the kind of mole that is raised up quite a bit from the rest of the skin, like a giant Braille bump. Mine was dark brown and soft and maybe a little furry. I remember really fixating on that mole - touching it all the time and then finally deciding that it had to come off! I tried grabbing onto it and just pulling it off, but that didn't work. A couple of times I tried to cut it off with scissors and definitely drew blood but didn't succeed in removing the thing. Eventually I ended up in the doctor's office having it professionally removed. The procedure left this really nice scar that I've always liked.
I'm still not sure whether the doctor had just noticed the mole during a routine check-up and thought it looked like an unhealthy or dangerous mole that had to be excised... or whether my parents had asked the doctor to deal with it so that I would stop trying to cut it off myself.
At the time I felt that I must have a knack for medicine, since the doctor had obviously come to the same conclusion that I had about the mole.