Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Lydia Idris
Jacksonville, Florida USA



June 19th 1999 a beautiful hot night in Greece,Athens (That's where I'm from). I was at my friend's house, Avra with my best friend Max. We were getting ready to go to Mad Professor and Lee Perry concert. We didn't have tickets (we never have tickets).
We get in the car and drove to this town called Piraeus, where the concert took place. I was so excited, my boyfriend was already in the concert waiting for me and calling me the whole time, telling me to hurry up because they are jamming big time.
So when we got there, we walked around to see how we could get in. We saw a bunch of people jumping of a tall fence and we decided to do the same thing. Max was the first to jump the fence and i was next,I could hear him screaming from the other side "hurry up before the security guard turns around".
When I got to the top I saw the entire stadium full of people screaming and jumping,drinking and getting wild. I felt a rush and thought to myself that I got to get in there fast.
Well, I did get in fast, but with a broken ankle. My ankle got caught between the fences. Oh my God, there was blood everywhere and bones sticking out.The most ironic thing that happened is when the guard came to me and said to me "sweetheart didn't you know that we opened the gates and let people in?"Thanks allot I said to him,now call an ambulance...