Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Erin Jeffrey
Georgia, USA



This is my one and only scar. I think this is extremely fitting. It is a result of fifteen years of soccer playing that were responsible for molding me into who I am. I broke my leg for the first time my junior year in high school at the state championship game. I refused to let it heal because I was getting recruited by college coaches, so I played through the pain for six months. After a painful visit to a small school in Tennessee, I finally decided to go the doctor. My leg was completely shattered. I probably should have had a metal rod placed in there, but I thought I could tough it through the therapy instead. I didn't, and eight months later my ankle was broken. I didn't even realize it. I got to college on a scholarship and had to red shirt (medical exemption from a season) because of the pain. Surgery, and scar, ensued. A bone fragment the size of a tooth was removed. This injury ended my soccer career. This scar is all the remains of what was my dream in life. To play college soccer. However, during the time that I was injured, I was able to find something much more valuable than athletics. I found myself. I found truth and joy and fulfillment that can only be found when one's whole life is turned upside down; when one loses everything in order to gain the rest.