Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA



This scar has faded quite a bit over time. I've had it since I was 19. I'm 37 now so it's 18 years old. An adult scar! It might seem hard to believe but I've long since forgotten that this scar is here even though it's in an easy-to-see spot on my left clavicle. It also sort of protrudes if you look at it from the side. Many people have asked me what happened over the years. I think once I said I got in a knife fight but I'm sure what really happened is that I said I was going to say that at some point, like at a party.
This scar is from a biopsy I had done when I was in college. I had that test done after noticing a slight bump that hadn't been there before. I don't think I would have thought much of it if it was a part of me since I was a kid. It turned out to be some type of extra fat tissue. Actually I still don't know exactly what it is (although the bump is still there). The info hasn't followed me in my medical charts but I'm pretty sure it's still extra fat tissue. The technician or doctor who did the biopsy was extremely callous and gruff.
When I asked this medical person whether or not there would be a scar after the biopsy, he basically told me not to be so vain. I find this ironic since I don't consider myself to be a vain person and am pretty no-nonsense overall about my appearance. In hindsight I should have told the guy he was a real ass, or at least took note of his name. In general, I have experienced this feeling more than once of a doctor making me feel like I'm trying to whip up some type of mini melodrama for my own amusement when in actuality somebody has referred me to them. I've since learned to make small comments to this effect out loud.
It was a pretty big scar for a while. I remember buying liquid vitamin e and putting it on the scar to try and make it less red and brown. I think a few months later I thought about making a stink about it with someone (?) but I never did. So that's my story. It'd be sort of cool if I could say that because of this scar and the asshole who did the test, I'm now a huge fan of hugs and being nice to strangers, etc. but truth be told it wasn't like that. I am, however, a naturally big fan of hugs.