Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Eli Klein
Ithaca, New York USA



It was the early hours of the morning when the assault happened. There were about twenty of us, and only around ten or twelve of them. We had them surrounded and were preparing for the attack.
This was in the summer of 2001 and I was at my overnight camp in the Poconos. As one of the oldest campers, it was a 4th of July tradition for the kids in my age group to stay up all night long and when the sun came up we would bombard a large portion of the foreign staff with water balloons as they slept in the counselor lounge.
As we prepared to attack, in an instant everything went wrong. They had heard us surrounding them, so they were all awake. Since they had been anticipating our arrival, they were well-prepared with flour bombs and water balloons. They came bursting out of the lounge and fired unmercilessly at our group.
Along with a few of my friends, I tried to infiltrate their complex by entering through the back window. However, as we snuck around back and were preparing to hop in the window, a few foreign staff members jumped out and fired water balloons and flour bombs at us. As we retreated into the woods, it was difficult to see the ground as the sun had just begun to rise. All of a sudden I heart a thud and fell to the ground into a nice, welcoming pile of mud. I looked down and saw my leg was gushing blood in the area just over my ankle. A sharp rock that had been wedged between two logs and was sticking out in my running path had cut me pretty severely.
I took the pain and was able to clean up in time to join the rest of the group for another assault as we drenched the foreign staff with water balloons. However, I will always remember this experience, since the cut caused by that rock left the scar pictured above.