Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Jessica Loper
Statesboro, Georgia USA



It is said that a woman forms a bond with her unborn child from the moment she discovers she is pregnant. This miraculous connection was not developed in the case of Vicky and her inevitable visitor residing in her womb.
Vicky was half through her pregnancy with her second child when she got sick. She was not exactly sure what was wrong with her, but assumed it was nothing a doctor's visit could not fix. So, her mother dropped her off at the hospital with a blank check, telling her she would return after work to pick her up. The ease with which she entered the examining room soon faded away to terror. After doing some tests, her physician informed her that this was no mere cold, but that in fact her appendix was inflamed and ready to explode. He also told her that if it had not been for her child sitting on the appendix, and not giving it room to expand, she and the baby would already be dead.
Our heroine went through the necessary operation that afternoon and as she opened her eyes her first questions were those inquiring about the health of her baby. Before going in, the doctor had said it was a very risky operation; that she could lose the baby. Thankfully, everything was alright and her son had survived. Now, what do you think the most shocking part of this story was? Well, for Vicky it was the fact that she was pregnant with a boy. You see, before all this took place, Vicky had every intention of giving her child up for adoption. She believed someone else would be better able to take of it at this moment in time. She did not want to know the sex or the size or the hair color of her baby. She just wanted him to go to a good home. But now, knowing that her little son had saved her life, she could not give him up.
Two and half months later Christopher was brought into this world and Vicky could not bear to have him far from her side. Her first words to this little gift were, "Thank You".