Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Granada Hills, California USA



My scar is on my knee cap. There are also two more located on my hip & elbow. A few years back I just leanred to ride a longboard. I thought I was the cool girl in town. I am sure I havent fallen off by that time & if I did I didn't scrap anything up. Well I had an activity at my church one saturday. I decided I would longboard home with my sister. I hurried with the activity & raced out the door. Freedom. I grabbed saidor & ran for the road. There are two ways home: plummer to balboa or down the hill. The hill is pretty steep to say. I, of course, chose the hill. Sailor chickend out & started walking down the hill. Not me. I jumped on my board & started pedling. I decided to neglect the fact that i've never been taught how to bomb hills. Instead of curving like your supposed to do, I went head down. My feet were unbalanced & my board started getting wobbly. I freaked out! I didnt know what to do, so my first instinct was to jump! So I did, which led me to come crashing to pavement with a nice amount of speed. I was bleeding quite a bit. My pants & shirt were torn. All I could do was lay there. Sailor started screaming & ran after me. I don't believe I was crying. I was trying to remain calm & refused to look at the damage. At least one thing I learned from girl scouts sunk in. Sailor called mom & she raced down to pick up my bloody body. I have scars all over my body now. Due to that accident I refuse to go down any type of hill. I get too nervous & chicken out.