Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Laura Miner
North Providence, Rhode Island USA



A couple years ago, when I was 15, I planned to go see a movie with some boys from my high school. Before we went to the theater our friend Alex said that we could hang out in his neighborhood. Alex was one of the hottest boys in school and the most talented. He was incredibly daring. He would jump from the second floor balcony of our school without any injury resulting. Alex would swing from tree to tree as we walked to his house.
I on the other hand are not as agile or brave as Alex. I still wanted to impress him though. On our walk to a near by restaurant he lead the way through other people's yards. When we came up to a chain-linked fence that was half as tall as I was, I acted like a wimp and insisted to walk around the house. As the boys went on ahead-and I walked alone on the side walk-I realized what a fool I had just made myself.
After dinner we encountered the same fence, and I decided to scale it. The boys snickered as I held on to the fence tightly and climbed painfully slow. Launched by one hand, Alex vaulted over gracefully. Jumping fences is no big deal when you leap from one floor to the next without taking the stairs. (He went to stunt camp that following summer). I thudded to the ground. In his gentlemanly way, Alex offered to pull me up. It was nice, but I knew that he would have much rather seen me do a back flip over the fence than peel me off the ground.
Even though I tried to climb really carefully I still felt a stinging pain near my ankle during the movie. The scar is with me til this day. It reminds me how unathletic I can be and how cautiousness may bring safety but not necessarily a good story. And even though I didn't get this scar during the most harrowing adventure, I can still say that I got it from jumping fences with some guy friends. That's kind of bad ass isn't it?