Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Claremont, California USA



The Ever-Changing Scar
Once upon a time a perfectly, circular, brown mole resided on my inner-right ankle. I used to pride myself in this mysterious mole for it possessed the gift on perfection.
One day, while I was in the shower, a fierce razor cut the perfect mole and made it bleed, bleed, and bleed some more. It was that day that I knew that my mole would never again be perfect.
As all minor wounds tend to do, this one healed, yet there was something about the cut that made the recovery process different. And so the cut began to heal, yet something grew on top of the cut: a nasty wart!
I tried to accept the fact that my mole was lonely and needed a friend but this silly excuse did not do! Something needed to be done and FAST!
It was the smell of burning flesh, my flesh, that made me realize that my mole was lost forever. The doctor said that in order to remove the wart, the mole must be removed as well. After what seemed to be a second-long eternity, my wart and mole were gone.
Once again my leg had to heal. This time the outcome was not so pretty. The doctor was kind enough to leave me a perfect, circular scar where my once perfect, circular mole existed. I took that as a haunting reminder of what I once had.
As the years continued to pass both my mole and I continued to grow. And so the warts returned. More and more warts! A gruesome cycle manifested itself on my ankle: warts grow, spread, are removed, grow more, invade another part of my leg, are removed, etc.
I fear that the warts will never stop growing, but perhaps they are a sign. Perhaps my warts are trying to bring back the mole... the mole that I so long to look at. Maybe one day, just maybe, my mole will return, but until then, I am stuck with nasty-ass warts that won't go away!