Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Jim R.
Vancouver, Washington USA



The scar shown in this photograph is from surgery to repair my wife's (Moira's) broken leg. The injury occurred just above the ankle, a long break of the fibula (the smaller of the two leg bones). Due to the length and shape of the break, she chose to have a metal plate with seven screws inserted, in order to hold the bone together to heal correctly.
The strange part is that the injury happened while playing touch football on Super Bowl Sunday in 2001. Prior to the Super Bowl party at our house, we got together with several friends and co-workers to play touch football. Moira sustained the injury when she and her teammate (a large coworker of mine) collided while trying to touch me, while I was running with the ball. My coworker ended up falling on my wife's leg, breaking it. My wife was so tough about the injury that she did not cry or scream with pain (I probably would have been blubbering like a baby!) and simply thought she had sprained it and, in fact, didn't know it was broken for several days. (In her first visit to the doctor, no X-ray was taken the doctor figuring that she wasn't in enough pain to assume a broken leg, and to justify the cost associated with an X-ray!).
My wife went through surgeries (to insert and remove the metal plate and screws), relative immobilization, and a good deal of time and physical therapy in order to recover; and, needless to say, my coworker felt just awful when I told him of the severity of her injury!