Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Buffalo, New York USA



This scar is from the summer before my freshman year in high school at my friend, Sean's 13th birthday party. Sean had a great house on the lake in my town and everyone was jumping off the dock and swimming to the raft a few yards out. Unfortunately, a few years before this celebration our beautiful lake had become infested with zebra mussels; these really small clam-like things that cling to rocks and reproduce like mad. The rocks around Sean's house were not immune to these parasites and when I joyfully jumped in the water to join my friends, my knee hit a rock and was torn up by a group of the little rats. Although I felt the pain, I didn't think anything of it and swam out to the raft and excitedly climbed on top of it, only to be looked at horrifically and ridiculed endlessly. Everyone was disgusted by the blood pouring out of my leg, and the muscles showing where the mussels had cut me. Of course, I was forcefully removed from the raft and told to swim back to shore. Deena, Sean's mom, wanted me to call my mom so I could go to the hospital and get stitches, but I insisted that she tape me up and allow me to chill out in the hot tub until the party was over. Like I was going to leave the party of the year for some lame cuts! When my mom did come to pick me up hours later, she took one look at my leg and dragged me off to the ER where I got 7 stitches. At first I was mad that I had these nasty scars (there are some on the other side of my knee also) since I couldn't do things like wear skirts without people mentioning it, but this past May, Sean died and now I see these scars as a forever memory of him.