Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Christal Sedlock
Austin, Texas USA



I grew up in the country in Pa. and in the fall it was customary to collect ears of corn from corn fields, remove the corn from the cob and throw the hard kernels at cars at night from a hiding spot. The drivers would be going along dark country roads and then a handful of corn would hit the windshield and scare them. We called it tick tacking.
Occasionally things would go wrong, most frequently one would get lectured by the drivers. Once some Christian told me that Jesus would love me anyway no matter what I did and maybe instead of throwing corn I should go to church. Not really nearly as exciting as trying to scare people.
Anyway, the scar, one Halloween my friend and her sister and I hid off the side of the road in a church cemetery. Our hiding spot was at the top of an embankment and the road was like fifteen feet below. So a car finally came and we threw the corn. It hit the windshield and the car slammed on the brakes. We were kind of like thinking we should not move an inch, we sat there watching and waiting for them to go on. The car sat there in the road for a couple of minutes. Finally the car slowly starts moving but turns into the church parking lot. I totally panicked and started running. Suddenly my feet were spinning in the air because I ran off the embankment but it was so dark I couldn't see anything. I crashed down on the side of the road. I felt down and my jeans were all torn at the knee and it was all wet from blood. I was still terrified of the people in the car so I started limping along the road as fast as I could with blood dripping down my leg until I made it to the house. My friend's dad had to pick the gravel out of the gash with tweezers. They gave me a children's book to read out loud so I wouldn't sit there screaming. I never got stitches so now I have this scar.