Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Warm Springs, Georgia USA



About 16 years ago, Danielle had a cruel prank played on her. At the age of four, Danielle was of course very naive, which got her into trouble in her pre-kindergarten class. In pre-kindergarten, where children play outside quite a lot, Danielle was tricked into friendliness. One day while playing outside, Danielle was approached by two children she was unfamiliar with. They told her that they wanted to play with her, and be her friends. So, being the nice person that she is, Danielle trusted them, and they all grabbed hands and went skipping off to play. While skipping and holding two children's hands simultaneously, Danielle didn't have much control of her balance or where she was going. Danielle trusted her new friends, happy to have them. Her new "friends" decided that it would be funny to suddenly put one of each of their feet in front of both of Danielle's feet, which in turn instantly tripped her. Danielle plummeted towards the ground at an alarmingly fast rate. While her "friends" snickered and ran away, Danielle hit the ground, slamming the underside of her chin into the cement sidewalk. Screaming with a blood covered chin, Danielle was helped up by her teacher. Her teacher discovered that nothing was broken, miraculously, but that Danielle would be lucky if she didn't need stitches. With a visit to the emergency room, Danielle and her mother found out that Danielle was indeed lucky, for she did not need stitches. The wound healed up nicely eventually, but Danielle will forever hold that scar, a permanent reminder of the naive years of her youth.