Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Marcus Taormina
Buffalo, New York USA



I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the last game of my Jr. High Football Career. It was a cold October night and we had ten seconds left in the game to come away with a win. The play was a 49 halfback throwback, I was supposed to get a pitch from the quarterback and then pass it back to him downfield. When he hiked the ball, I ran my route, but he didn't, he went the opposite way, making me change my route and follow him. I received the pitch and by then, I knew that I was in trouble. Because the line was blocking for the opposite direction, I had no protection. I quickly tried to make a run for it, but it was too late. As I ran, a defensive end came from the left of me, and a lineman from the right. Both managed to grab a hold of my right leg, exerting pressure towards each other. As this happened, I felt a tremendous pop in the inside of my ankle as I was forced to the ground. When the play was over, I realized that I had broken my ankle and I was in tremendous pain. Later, after a hospital visit, I learned that I had shattered my ankle in 3 spots, including my growth plate, and, according to the doctor, I may never be able to walk again. The only good thing to happen from this story is the fact that the doctor was wrong about the whole not walking thing, and that I have a tremendous scar that can remind me of the best times of my life!