Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Mike Wasserman
New York, USA



11a.m. on a Saturday morning. Lots of cars had gathered for the morning street races, they were all lining up. The driver of every car, Matthew, was making the cars run fast this particular morning.
If you haven't realized yet, this was no ordinary race, it was happening in 1:64 scale. Sponsors like Matchbox and Hot Wheels were representing cars from many manufacturers from Ferrari, to Subaru, to Ford and everywhere in between.
As with any street race, the danger risk was high. The anticipation rose as a Chevy Camaro lines up against a BMW 850i. They squeal off the line with great speed, as the Chevy muscle takes the lead. All of a sudden the Camaro loses traction, spins out of control and crashes into a local Lego house. This causes it to launch in the air, scrape past my hand, and finally come to rest on an air craft carrier.
Fortunately, the owner survived and no one was hurt, save for a pirate whose head fell off. It was later re-attached. The races broke up after this, and the events will surely scar the on looker's eyes for a long time. As for me, the skid marks on my hand will always remind me of those mornings' activities.