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Assignment #19
Illustrate a scene or make an object from Paul Arensmeyer's life story.


Read Paul Arensmeyer's life story. Either illustrate a scene or recreate an object from his story. If you select a scene, draw a picture illustrating it. Make the drawing on light colored or white paper approximately 14x20 inches in size. Use only two colors to draw with, one black or dark colored pen for the lines, and light green to fill things in here and there and for shading. Draw as accurately as you can, but don't worry about making it perfect. Don't try to interpret or add anything to the scene, just represent it as clearly as you can. You can use the example photographs of Paul at various stages of his life to help get an idea of what he looked like. Don't write any text on the illustration, but include the printed text from his life story that you are illustrating seperately. If you elect to recreate an object, select an object mentioned in Paul's life story. Recreate the object as accurately as you can but using very basic materials--paper, tape, cardboard, etc. Paint the object using only black, white, and light green regardless of what the original object's colors were. Make the objects lifesize.
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If you chose to do an illustration, make a copy of your illustration. If you made an object, take a photo of your recreated object. With both, please include a separate file of the life story text that is referenced by your drawing/object.