Learning To Love You More




Assignment #31
Spend time with a dying person.

Jennifer Brown
Indiana, USA
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My mother Charlene Brown works at Williamsburg Healthcare as the Assistant Administrator. I go to see my mother quite often at the nursing home, especially now that my best friend is working there again. Upon one of my visits after receiving this assignment Jamie, my best friend, suggested that since I sort of knew this lady though my grandparents I should go and visit her (I am unable to use her real name for lawful reasons. I will be referring to her as Jane. )
Jamie was preparing to give Jane a bed bath and I followed her in to a 14ft. by 10ft. room. As Jamie was giving Jane a bed bath I was on the other side of the curtain listening to her cries and moans. Jane in 105 years old and until her 105th birthday was quite active. She has fallen sever times since her birthday in August. Through the series of fall she has broken her hip. Its sad but true, the older you the harder it is to recover from such injuries. Jamie has told me many stories about patients who have broken hips and shoulders who have deteriorate after both mentally and physically.
On Jane s birthday the activities director had typed up an article in the monthly news letter about Jane. As I read through it, I remember the things that my grandparents had told me about her; such as, her children, grandchildren, where she lived, and past memories. This lady had lived a full life and had come to peace with dying. Many time during the bed bath I heard her say this. As I sat in that room where many people had probably died on a warm October Sunday in mid afternoon, I can only hope that my life is that full, that happy, and when my times I am that ready.