Learning To Love You More




Assignment #31
Spend time with a dying person.

Stacy Elaine Dacheux
Birmingham, Alabama USA




May-Present 2005
My father suffers from brain cancer. It's been almost two years since his diagnosis.
Many years back he was a Professor at Harvard University, and more recently, a Professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham.
A few months back, his condition worsened, and they completely cleaned out his office and now he's on disability.
Currently, all of these artifacts from his work life are scattered in the basement. It felt strange to see these world's collide.
All day and everyday almost, he would grab his cane, walk down to the basement, and just sit amidst these lonely objects and smoke his pipe.
I felt like this was his new job-- organizing his objects, touching them, looking at them, moving them around, and that made him happy.
The life of the objects from his past had a new life with him now--
It was simpler and that was okay. The objects were still happy. Because he let them be happy.
It was strange. I felt sad about the whole thing, until he helped me say goodbye to what they were.
The objects were as follows:
1. A photo of My father at Harvard University with one of his mentors.
2. My father's scientific publications.
3. My father's labcoat.
And now, they have translated into my objects. They have become my photos. They are something different to me. And now, they are yours.