Learning To Love You More




Assignment #31
Spend time with a dying person.

Gwendolyn Lee
Houston, Texas USA



A few months ago I had the opportunity to spend a few days with my Uncle Joe, who was dying of Bone Cancer. the last few days of his life were very amazing. With the support of Hospice, I had the chance to experience several stages that aperson goes through before passing over to their Heavenly Home. We laughed and talked about the family gatherings, things he use to do and the people he met.Then Uncle Joe's transition began, he stopped eating and there was no communication, only responding with a smile. It was hard on his sisters when he stopped eating because He was a stout man with a big appetite.He stopped walking and began to look as if he was in a daze. Uncle Joe had to be hospitalized and were that He only had a few days to live. We moved him to Briarwood Healthcare Center,where he spent the last 24 hours of his life. On Monday morning when Uncle Joe was transferred there he was suffering really bad with pain written all over his face, and thee was no longer any communication. I had to leave during day to attend class, upon returning later that day I found Uncle joe full of laughter and talking very well. I teased him about being asround all the pretty ladies,he just smiled and smiled. He later told me he wanted to go home and I promised him if the doctor said he could go home I would take him home he said Ok. That Tuesday he had several visitors, my father, my brother and sister-law, His hospic nurse Cindy, also came to see him, she stated that they had a long talk and Uncle Joe was at peace with himself and was ready to go home. Uncle Joe and my father talked about old times and laugh at the fact thet were too old to do things they used to. That evening at 7:25p.m Uncle Joe went to be with his Heavenly father. He made us understand that he was better off on the other side and taught us how to enjoy life more.