Learning To Love You More




Assignment #31
Spend time with a dying person.

Long Beach, California USA



My Granddad Bill died in 1997 in England at age 73. He got lung cancer which spread to his brain, below is the last conversation I had with him, Winnie is my Grandma.
Winnie says Bill, Lisa wants to talk to you. Bill gets up to open the front door, says where is she? Lisa, Lisa? Winnie yells ON THE PHON!! I ask Granddad how he's feeling, fine just fine thanks he says. I said, you having any head aches? Not too bad thanks, fine just fine how are you, is the weather nice? Yes it's nice here. Granddad tells me he's coming to California in the summer, I say its July now Granddad. I hear Winnie yell in the background that they are not bloody coming to California because SHE is too sick. He says well he's bloody coming on his own then. He sounds a bit drunk, like he used to when he came back from The Earlsheaton on Sunday tea time. I said bye Granddad, love you, I'll talk to you tomorrow. The following day, he collapsed. He died two hours later in the hospital. I cried and cried for days.
My Grandma Winnie died of Pneumonia in England in 2008.
The last time I saw her, she made me scrambled eggs for dinner, she never had food in, I don't think she ate much for 10 years. I waved goodbye as we got in to the taxi to Heathrow, her little grey head looking down at us from her kitchen window. It was 2006. I never spoke to her again, she tore our family apart. I did not shed one tear.