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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Seattle, Washington USA



Adrienne designs interiors for Starbuck's Coffee Houses during the work week. She spends her time, talent and creativity designing space for people to enjoy coming together for a cup of coffee or tea, good conversation and good company. Adrienne also invests time educating herself how best to live and care for our planet. Using sustainable materials to build with and designs that complement nature by using and reusing resources instead of piling up waste.
For her leisure time you'll find her accepting the challenge of competition. She loves skim boarding on a warm summer day and snow boarding or playing hockey in the winter. Rock climbing is a favorite on her way home from work. Lately she has been honing her skills as a DJ with her new DJ Turntable and room full of vinyl.
Just last week we spent a day down at Salmon Beach soaking up the sun as we perused the wonderful old homes built on pilings over the water and dreamed about the idyllic lifestyle one might live there. Lately the activity she is spending most of her time on is gathering the information she needs to buy her first home. She has invested many hours in the mysterious and complicated area of mortgages, loans, interest rates and all the rest of the necessary information one must be on top of to make the best choice in home-buying.
This lifestyle appears interesting and satisfying, balanced nicely with fun.
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You are building/maintaining your relationship with your girlfriend. This includes working to find a house, going out on weekends. You are also focusing on advancing in your career, which on occasion takes your weekend time. Your spinning records. Your playing hockey when you are able, albeit without your gear much to your dismay. You are trying to maintain and improve the relationships you have with your immediate and extended family. This involves sharing meals once in while and coffee when meals can't be fit in.
You are making the very tangible transition from being an older adolescent to a true young adult. (Responsibility and accountability for your actions being the qualifying factors I am using to describe adult-hood) Part of this means many of your friendships have changed from primary importance to secondary importance, which is where couples life goes.
To try to claim you are spending all of your time on one or two activities is simply not accurate.
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Adrienne is an incredibly busy young woman but one who prioritizes and spends her time wisely. Currently Adrienne spends a considerable amount of time house hunting. She has a realtor who she and her partner meet with frequently to tour homes and condominiums in the Seattle area. This will be her first home so she is also diligently working the financial component of the purchase. When her evenings aren't booked with sites of the Emerald City, Adrienne can usually be found hanging out with her girlfriend and or group of friends/family. They eat out, visit art galleries, drive around admiring Washington architecture, drink micro-brews at their favorite watering hole, or watch a diverse spectrum of new and old movies and documentaries. The most significant amount of Adrienne's time is spent at work. She is an architectural interior designer for Starbucks international team for China. Adrienne loves her job and takes great pride in designing the interiors of Starbucks in China to suit the needs and appeal to that population.