Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Camille Breaux
Houston, Texas USA



My Mother
I think you are spending your time living as best you can.╩ That means you have to get to your job every day and try to do your job as well as you can, enjoying the people you work with and getting to know them a little better.
You try to cook healthy food for yourself and Ted, but make things you really like or enjoy.
You spend some time every week shopping for bargain clothes and furnishings since you are pulling together your own home now.╩
You also spend your free time working on art projects that interest you and you spend some time every week keeping in touch with other people who have similar art interests.╩╩ You are always working toward developing your own artistic talents and interests to build an art career.
That is what I think you are doing╔.but for all I know you could just be partying every day.
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My Father
Your interests are art and literature. I think you spend lots of time reading and even though you are graduated you will still be doing artistic things in your spare time. I also think you go to certain shops and places that have artistic products and unusual things like╩retro stuff.╩ I don't think you have much of an interest in cooking like mom does, since you like to eat vegetarian mostly.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Sister
Camille works full time at the School of Public Health as a Research Associate.╩ Her field is fine arts, but this a good start while she establishes herself locally as an artist and builds up a professional body of work.╩ She just finished college and I know she's trying to find time and funds to continue to produce and show her work in local galleries. She works in photography and video, but also photographs interesting pieces that she makes from various mediums.╩ One of her her most recent theme was body image and issues of self esteem in women, upon which she exhibited an interactive piece.╩
She sews, makes lots of crafts╩and supports Ted (boyfriend) a lot with his school and music; he's in╩several bands. She enjoys concerts a lot, goes to a lot of different openings, performances and art exhibits. She also╩attends a lot of screenings of independent film and video at the Aurora, where she interned before. She does network with locals into her art and music, which is ultimately useful for her career.╩ I know she is eager to get her career going as an artist and wants to travel a bit in the process.╩