Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Rex Hausmann
Boerne, Texas USA



My Brother Erik ( Irish Twin {11m Months Apart})
Here it goes:
Rex is my big brother.
Rex is a storyteller.
He uses art to tell those stories.
The tales he tells are not for him, but for others. They are for other artists and those who would listen.
He loves what he does but is uncertain about his future, but he need not worry.
Success is determined by effort put forth, not the resulting circumstances.
Rex is quite messy sometimes and cares little about keeping things new-looking.
He likes the way things look when they are worn. (Clothes, Shoes, People.)
Rex loves to sit and be like the rock in I Heart Huckabees...ha ha ha
The more the activity resembles that of a retiree, the more he likes it.
Rex has mixed emotions about art school.
He is appreciative of the color theory and history that he has learned, but is disappointed in the ability of art schools to give creative people a way to make a living to continue their art.
He hopes the best for incoming students but knows they will learn mostly only how to make art, not how to make a living from art. - This disturbs him greatly.
Rex has become more and more serious over the past several years.
He wants to play less and sometimes forgets that he is still a child inside.
The weight of the world is not on his big shoulders, however, God takes care of that.
Rex loves to give big gifts to his family, friends, and even random people.
He loves to take bums to lunch.
One day, Rex wishes to be quite wealthy because he wants to buy my mom everything and pay for my dad to quit working to enjoy my mom enjoying all the stuff she got.
Rex also worries about me a lot. He need not worry because God has his life and my life in control too. I hope that we get to work together throughout our lives.
I love my big brother, Rex and think he is great. Don't you?
P.S. -To Art Schools: Please teach these art students how to make some money. They must be businessmen first, artists second. Not so they can be wealthy, but so they can keep being artists instead of unemployed. Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Dad:
Rex Promotes and creates
Rex lives his life for creating art and events and through them he is spreading the Word, The Lord's kingdom.
He cooks, smokes cigars, drinks scotch when he's of a mind to, reads Plato, worries about his parents and their lives, emails the world at large, sustains friends and thinks about how he's going to make a living when he graduates,.
He knows a lot of people and keeps in touch often through email and phone.
Right now I think he is painting in Atlanta and struggling through his written class work.
(Rex is disgraphic and really has to struggle with the formal written word.)
Right now the good part is that he is probably painting a series of 2' x 2' pictures focusing on people and the display of their personalities.
Rex paints personalities and moments which show the person. Each of his works displays an attitude. Whether abstract or realistic, each painting has a readily understandable emotion. All his work ends up being biblically inspired either before or after it is done. Sometimes he just paints and after the work is complete he decides on the biblical inspiration or link.
Promoter Rex is working on D'Antoni trips to Dallas and San Antonio.
He is organizing the show at the Mercedes Benz showroom in Boerne in March by emailing and talking to those involved. He is probably planning the layouts and logistics for the show. He is probably emailing the known world in anticipation of this event.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Mom (end on a high note!):
I believe that Rex spends his time in a very productive manner in several roles of his life. Most importantly Rex is a family member, and therefore as a son and brother, he nurtures his relationships in this area of his life. But as I think about it, Rex also maintains and cares for his friends in such a genuine manner that it is truly something to try and emulate. Rex is a relational kind of guy who loves to "keep in touch". He is generous with his time and will have an open ear to those around him.
In terms of Rex's role as a student, he diligently prepares his assignments and tries to truly comprehend the material or function of the task that a professor has assigned .He does this in order to grasp a meaning that will be relevant to his long-term BIG PICTURE view of who he believes he is in order to become an artist that makes an impact in society. He also believes in what he is doing academically and displays this through excellent marks as he is on the Deans list numerous times.
One area of Rex's life that is truly evident of his thirst for knowledge and excellence, is his love for reading, especially biographies of eminent people in history as well as current personalities. These "heroes" tend to be role models for Rex to track and apply to his own character building goals as a viable member of his community. Not only are historical figures and events interesting to Rex, but current issues pique his curiosity as well so that he might better understand the world around him, and relate the historical to the present day so as to assimilate this information into his passion...ART.
All of the above attributes and character traits of Rex substantially explain his foundation for who he truly is... a compassionate artist who desires to meld his love for his Lord, his family, his friends, and the world around him into a truly emotional experience within his paintings