Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Lindsay Howard
Bennington, Vermont USA



My Grandma Owie
As her Grandmother who lives in Boise, Idaho, I think she is in the library a lot working on class work and reading books. She loves New York City and spends time there whenever she gets a chance. Lindsay is a "night person" so I think she stays up too late talking to her many friends as well as preparing for her classes. I imagine she listens to music often. She seems to be enjoying the cultural part of living in the Eastern part of the United States.
A little "side bar" here... I would know a lot more about what I think Lindsay spends her time doing if she emailed me more often!!!!!!!!!
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My Father, Patrick
You mainly spend your time reading and writing papers and attending class. On weekends you take some time off in the evenings to go to a party or hang out with your friends. You usually study in the library or in your room. You like to stay up late studying and consequently sleep later than most people. You are making a video that will open with a picture of a person standing on a slowly spinning disk (that you will create with help from the sculpture professor).
You have been thinking about what you will do for the summer. You enjoy bringing your food from the cafeteria back to your room so you can eat there. You also spend some time doing laundry every couple of weeks.
You are really enjoying your Dramatic Literature class and are usually disappointed when class ends. It is very intellectually stimulating. I could write a lot more about your activities, but I think I have hit the high spots.
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My Uncle Mike
I think you get up at 9-9:30 and have a light breakfast.
You spend 3 hours a day in classes, three hours a day reading for classes (and for fun), and 2 hours a day writing (or otherwise creating material) for classes You spend 90 minutes a day at lunch and dinner, but you don't particularly care about the food. You spend 3 hours a day generally hanging out with friends talking and planning your weekends. You spend 3 hours a day on the Internet, mostly on a community site like Myspace or using IM to talk to friends not at Bennington. You're in bed by 1:00 or 1:30. On weekends you like to travel, particularly to New York, where you hang out with friends, shop (but not buy) and go to concerts of groups I've never heard of.