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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Stone Park, Illinois USA



My second oldest sister:
My sister Isela is a very busy person.
At the moment she is doing homework and it takes up most of her time, weekdays and weekend. I almost always see her doing art projects, she spends adequate and lengthy times on them because I know she is a perfectionist. Her time is well spent and very worth it because she does great in school. While doin her homework she usually listens to music or casually watches TV. When she is not doing school work she is either working or out with her friends, but mostly working. I do believe the working is a little too overwhelming for her, but she does this to help my mom. Sometimes she has no time to go out except for an occasional weekend night. When she does go out her main interests are having fun doing whatever, whether it be going to the movies, going dancing, party or game/blockbuster movie night. This semester for my sister has just been busy, she handles it great and plans most of her time accordingly.
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My mom:
Isela is always doing school work, at her job or sleeping. She has long days with school and work. She gets very involved in her art work and at times is hard on herself, critical of her results. When she has time to relax or get out, she will nap, watch TV or go out with friends and at times with family, or listen to her music.
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My oldest sister:
My sister Isela goes to school and if she works it is right after.
During the evenings she does her homework and then she is online.
Right now she is online.