Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Kirsten Johnson
Victoria, British Columbia CANADA



(Bob, my dad):
What I think that Kirsten does during the day: a day off will be different then a work day. But she doesn't work very often so it will be a day off (from being a mental health worker) that I will write about. She will sleep in for awhile, as she has always loved to do since she was little. She will then go out. For coffee and maybe a bagel with two friends. They will chat and visit for quite awhile. And then go home. On the way home she may do a little second hand or grocery shopping. When she gets home she will work on her art and crafts and listen to music. Perhaps towards evening she will call me.
- - - - - - - - - -
(Mary-Eileen, my mom):
-get up around 9:30 and stumble into the kitchen and make breakfast (possibly a soymilk fruit smoothie) and read a book while having breakfast.
-have a shower.
-go out for a bicycle ride or walk
-meet up with friends for coffee
-head home. have lunch (leftovers from last night's dinner)
-work on one of her ongoing projects (art/sewing/knitting)
-in the late afternoon, bike to the grocery store to pick up supplies for dinner.
-return home. make a delicious vegan meal
-in the evening, visit with friends either at home or out
-read a book and then go to bed.
- - - - - - - - - -
(Andrea, my older sister):
Kirsten wakes up every morning at approximately 7:30 am; this is the time in the summer months when the sun comes streaming through her windows and in the winter when she awakes naturally. If she is going out for the day, she quickly dresses (skirt, knee socks with holes, shoes with holes in the soles, shirt, and a cardigan sweater fastened with a safety pin), eats some toast with homemade jam, and walks to the nearest coffee shop (Bean Around the World at the moment)- where she orders a single, short Americano in her own mug. She will then take it to go. Alternately, if Kirsten is planning to stay home for the morning she will likely read in bed in her pyjamas and then find herself some coffee a few hours later.
Kirsten walks everywhere-although rides her bike around if the distance is great. If she is not going to work for the day, Kirsten will go for a long walk-coffee in hand-and likely conspire as to what art/sewing/knitting/quilting projects she is planning to work on for the next week. Following her brisk walk, she may visit friends working or living in nearby neighborhoods, purchase a book or magazine at her favorite bookstore, buy some bread at Wildfire bakery, etc. among other likely pursuits. Before going home she will stop off at a yummy vegan sweet shop and buy chocolate covered ginger or something as equally tantalizing.
Upon arriving home, she will delve into whatever she's working on: drawing, sewing, reading, knitting (these are current winter time pursuits although the drawing and the reading remain constant throughout the year). She will drink tea, doused with generous amounts of honey (and perhaps lemon) throughout this. When friends begin to arrive home from work, she will phone them up and create plans for spending dinner all together; she most likely will cook the dinner herself and simply invite friends over to share a vegetarian feast with roasted root vegetables and a salad with generous servings of goat cheese. Following her dinner, Kirsten will go for another walk or perhaps wrap herself up in her bed covers and continue to read the book (non-fiction) that she is making her way through. Kirsten goes to bed about 11pm each night (barring a concert or other activity to occupy her hours) and falls asleep quickly- trying to recover the energy that she has expelled through the daily output of creative energy that continues to surround her.