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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Karen Kasel
St. Paul, Minnesota
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Karen likes to stay with her grandmother and takes her shopping. She loves to plant flowers around the house. She goes skating at times. In the summer she enjoys going to her folks resort. Most of her time in the evening she studys as she is looking towards graduation. Karen does some cooking which is good.
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I think Karen spends many hours in a day doing art projects for school & also studying for classes. She just loves things to do with art, shows, books etc. Karen is getting excited about opening & working at the soap factory again. She is anxiously waiting to graduate later this year & move on with her career in art.
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If I had to guess how I thought my cousin Karen spent her time, I would guess her time is broken up into 3 major areas, the first of which is school. Karen is a full time student at an Art college working towards her Bachelor's degree. It is my assumption that this requires many hours of class preparation, some of which is bookwork and some of which is working on various art projects. In my mind I can imagine Karen hanging out in her favorite coffee shop, no where near the suburbs, studying for her classes.
The second major area of Karen's time is spent creating, selling, and talking about art. Although I've never been in Karen's house, my guess is that she has a small corner or room somewhere that is just for her. She locks herself in this room and puts her feelings onto canvas. Besides painting and drawing, she also uses her talent to make jewelry. I believe her love for art is very therapeutic in many ways. She also has a part time job at the soap Factory in Minneapolis. I'm guessing this is some type of an art gallery where she has her artwork on display. Karen probably spends more time selling other people's art than she does her own, that's the kind of person she is.
The third area of Karen's time is spent on social activities. I believe she makes a few trips a month to "the burbs" to visit her boyfriend and her parents. She makes the time go by faster on these trips by counting cows. When Karen can get away from studying, I would guess that she likes to get together with friends at a quant pub or coffee shop. She may discuss such things as her love for her Grandmother, her hatred towards war, and how Republicans are ruining the world.