Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Houston, Texas USA



Mandy loves Jake, her cats, bike riding, drawing cartoons, music of all kind, taking pictures and Austin.
She loves her family, daisies, sunsets, time with friends and loves to have fun. She likes to read, write and dream.
She will try all kinds of hobbies at least once. She likes to knit, sew and make all kind of new things.
She is a joy to be with and her mom loves and misses her very much!!
- - - - - - - - - -
You are a person who is different, in a wonderful way, from any person I've ever known. A person who's made me realize that there is life, style, taste, music, art, food, people, and hobbies outside of those of my own small world. You open my eyes to things I probably would have never seen or heard of had it not been for you. I don't understand or grasp the meaning of some of those things, but I don't have to. You taught me that just because a person's taste is different from that of my own, that doesn't mean that person is weird or strange; that in fact, it makes them more exciting than myself!! You live in a way that is awesome to me. If you want to do something you get up and do it instead of just saying that you'd like to do it and leave it at that. You seem to set a goal for yourself and then do everything you can to make sure you've done your part in reaching that goal. You're a person who's not afraid to try new things, leave old things behind, or venture out into unknown territories You are a very talented person. You have wonderful art skills. You make really cool stuff. Even the jobs you seek have cool interests. You like some music that I've never even heard of. You like some foods that I'll probably never eat. You're not always worried that your socks match (when you wear them) and to me, that is awesome.
Most importantly, you are loyal and true to those you love. Family is important to you and you are important to family. Without you, our family wouldn't be complete.
- - - - - - - - - -
Mandy loves to do a lot of things. She likes to draw comics about things that happen to her in her life, or funny things that she comes up with in her head. Mandy likes to paint things to put on her Etsy site for others to buy, usually of sock puppets or robots. She likes to sew, but hasn't done it much since we moved into our new place. Mandy loves her cats. Mainly Radley, but she likes Mango alright. She loves to spend time watching movies, comedy, box sets of good television shows. Mandy likes finding new music to listen to. Mandy loves her new bike, and would love to ride it more when she gets a good lock for it. Mandy loves Fireman's four six packs, Mandy loves apples and string cheese. Mandy likes bubble tea, but not so much serving it at the bubble tea shop/ gift shop that she works at. Mandy loves Austin since she's moved here. Mandy loves talking to her parents on the phone since she can't see them as much as she's like. Mostly I'm pretty sure Mandy loves me, her husband as much as I love her for being who she is.