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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Catherine Mellinger
Toronto, Ontario CANADA



At the moment, Catherine just got out of bed and walks around with a mug filled with pieces of ginger swimming in hot water, slowly getting used to being awake (Catherine, not the ginger pieces) and enjoying the feeling of a new day coming up. "What should I do next?" does she wonder ... oh well, another very busy day, so no worry and take it in stride !
A bit later, Catherine will sit at her computer to check e-mails she is expecting and, after reading her screen and a moment of reflexion, her fingers will jump to life and work around the keyboard like wild, keeping up with the flow of ideas and words that spring in her mind to be materialized (so to speak!) in her computer before heading for their intended destiny. In such times, Catherine makes one with her computer, one mind equipped with a machine to communicate with the World and spread ideas, happiness and love.
Food ... hmm, what should I have for breakfast ? ... hmm, what should I have for lunch ? ... hmm, what should I have as a snack ? ... hmm, what should I have ... such healthy food and tasty dishes ! HMMMMM ! (I can provide testimonies :0)
I see Catherine when she is relaxing with us away from home rather than in her day-to-day environment ... but I can guess that she spends her time thinking (all the time); meeting her friends (regularly) for good times or shopping or a stroll in a well-shopped street or a nice quiet time around coffee or herbal tea; planning (non-stop) her next projects, travel, activities, classes and homework; wondering (constantly) how she can make a difference in people's lives; watching (from time to time) a movie at home at the end of such another (always) very busy day.
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Up until a few months ago I really didn't know or understand what my daughter was doing with her life !
She is still searching but I think is on her way to making herself happy. Why ? Because I'm seeing her happy when we are together. Her health is better and she is doing things that make her happy.
Catherine works on her art and is able to exhibit it with the Octopus Project that she has started with her friend and roomate.... they are together doing some pretty fantastic showings of diverse artists in and around the Toronto area. I think that has taken up a lot of her time but it is what she is happy doing. She is using her management, planning and marketing skills totally in doing this.
Otherwise, she works part-time in diverse things, art classes, ceramic studio, Ontario sponsored art development projects for kids in trouble and trying to find themselves. This latter one is a lot of work and worries for her. She is trying to use her art to help kids in trouble, who hopefully will find help from her..... it is a big challenge for her and sometimes causes her worries..... but I think she is doing what she wants to do. She is also trying to earn her living through her art.
Her art is not strictly painting.... she uses cloth, paint, ink, pictures, photos and threads in developing her canvases.... it is very different and interesting..... something I knew very little about until I saw her work.
Her style is different from her beginings and will probably change as she keeps producing. I find it to be collage medium.
She also spends time with keeping herself healthy ..... yoga classes, meeting her friends and spending time with them..... she needs her friends for support and feedback and I think they are good for her..... I also think that she does bike a lot when she needs to go somewhere and sometimes roller blades with her friends.
These past few months she has spent a lot of time getting herself ready to start school again in the fall.... a lot of time meeting with and talking with people with ISIS where she will be attending in the fall.... it will be a challenge for her to do this and still keep herself afloat financially... good luck kiddo.
Catherine is doing things that bring her happiness, balance in her life and health. I find her happier.
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Sister & Nephew
Catherine cooks food and sometimes shares it with friends. She likes making things out of whole foods and it is always very delicious and nutritious and inventive and sooooooo fresh. She works hard at her jobs...too many for me to keep track! She also does her art which is this cool combination of fabrics and images and words.