Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Jenn R
Bloomington, Indiana USA
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Mark, my brother
Jenn is a crazy cool girl who lives in Bloomington. She is a legal adult and rents an apartment with Scotty der Rockin. She has a 1-year-old daughter named Punky (short for Pumpkin). All day long, she and her young colleagues drink coffee, listen to punk rock and emo, and write emails... and they get paid for doing it. In the evenings, she creates wonderful master dishes for her family, like Macaroni and Cheese Mosh" and "Hot Dogs....With Ketchup, Fool." When she gets bored, she drives to IU and pretends to be a janitor chick so she can steal Oreos from the break room. She is often seen on the street where YOU live, buying flowers from a poor English flower girls and singing her beautiful, spontaneous love songs.
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Becca, my sister
Rolling out of bed at 6:30 with bed head and sleepy eyes...Scurrying to get baby K up and ready for her daycare, the phone rings. Scotty forgot his papers for work due to the hang over and getting up late.
During a small breakfast K is throwing food and smearing it all over her nice clean clothes. After taking 30 minutes to clean her up, Jenn trips over a toy in the floor and lands on the chair and rips her skirt. Holy crap, she is going to be late. After all the excitement she notices it is very. She begins to load the car. As she drives to day care with the music blasting, she notices K dancing in her seat and singing to the sound track of Wayne's World. A smile comes to her face.
They arrive at the day care at 8:15 and K s friends were so happy to see her. The smile on her face and the excitement in her eyes makes Jenn feel at ease that she was going to have a great day. She kisses her sweet cheeks and leaves the building and heads to work.
She walks into work and sits down at her desk. All of a sudden the boss comes up and says I need for you to start a project and it needs to be done before noon and on my desk . This was not something she wants to hear at 8:30 am. She decides she needs caffeine to get this day rolling.
She starts her project and it seems like it takes the entire day. While working on this project, she gets an email from her sister, Becca. They have not talked in a few days and need to catch up on our lives. They have lots of drama in their lives, that is for sure.
Project is finished and on the boss s desk. Time has moved quickly and it is almost 5:00. After a long working day, she is pooped. Scott calls and tells her he is going to pick up K. This gives her time to go to the grocery store before going home.
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