Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Emily Rose
Chicago, Illinois USA



Cousin Erin
Let's see.... What is Emily doing right now? Well, its 7pm on a Tuesday night. I would assume Emily is doing homework because she is an excellent student and is always studying.
Emily's life - what she is doing these days:
Emily is working on an art degree (or is it called art education degree??) at a college. She is taking a class that is all about art movies and film and....her Mac computer is amazing at helping the whole film movie process. She can do weird and awesome things with it. Emily is planning on using this degree to teach art.
Emily is also working at a new Whole Foods Co-op in a homosexual supportive community. Her experience of unique and different foods makes her not only an intelligent but worth while employee to the company.
Personal life, you ask? Well, Miss Emily has recently overcome some struggles on a friendship level and is in the process of learning who are true friends and who are fun friends. This process will lead Emily to a stronger sense of self and a tougher skin for her future.
Ok....really? That is all my cold brain can come up with right now. It's freakin 40 degrees here in Duluth and they are talking snow tonight!!!
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Here is what I imagine your morning is like on a weekday.
I imagine Emily Rose wakes early in the morning and cuddles with her cat, Charlie. Moans and groans as stumbles from her bed (her bed is on the floor, so she struggles to stand upright. She turns on her computer and checks her email. Em is very cost conscious, so everything that is not needed is unplugged, so she will flip the electrical strips on before she can use any electronic. Fortunately, the refrigerator stays on and so she gets herself a bowl of cereal and milk while she listens to music from her computer. While eating, Charlie will sit on her table, paw at the spoon as she lifts it to her mouth, and talk to her begging for milky leftovers.
Perhaps a yoga routine, feed the cat, then she climbs into her large claw footed bathtub to shower and quickly dresses. All electrical items are turned off and If she has time, she'll sweep the kitchen floor, Charlie tracks kitty litter on the tiled floor, she hates messes. Em picks up her books and heads for school. She climbs down the stairs from her 3rd floor apartment. A small converted attic apartment which reminds me of a Dickens novel, a pointed ceiling, very chilly in the winter, stifling in the summer; a wonderful cozy respite for a single city woman.
Off to school in her maroon Geo Prism, inherited from Grandma Wanda. She can only listen to tapes or the radio in this old car. She'll sing Tori Amos loudly and weave through traffic, arriving to school on time and prepared for her day.
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The main think I know about Emily is that she is an artist. I didn't always know this because when she was in high school, she was very angry and didn't seem to want to...anything. But somehow, she pulled herself away from all of that and at twenty one she chose a college to go to and announced she was going to be an "art historian". She could have said "astronaut" or "bullfighter" and I would have had the same reaction, one of incredulity. However, soon she'd be coming over for dinner with a painting she had done for an assignment or some photographs taken at one of those insufferable family gatherings we all have to deal with: and, to my delight and amazement, they were really good! I don't know exactly what kind of project she is working on at present, but she had to find a subject, a focus, a point of view, a medium, a range of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, and all the other fine details that go into making a work of art out of stuff just thrown together otherwise amounting to nothing. I don't know how she does it, but Emily has that gift and I'm very proud she's my daughter.