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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Celine Smith
Devon UK
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Please find below first, what my mother wrote about what she thinks I do, second, what my father wrote and third, what my 16 years old brother wrote.
They all live in South West France, in Montauban. My father is British, my mother French, my brother was born in France and me in England. Now I study Theatre in Dartington College of Arts, in Devon.
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My Mother:
"my daughter, celine, is living over 1000 kilometers away from us in a lost old house surrounded by beautiful trees, I came to visit her so I saw it with my own eyes...She is studying theatre there....I often wonder what she does all day, sometimes she tells me in her emails a bit of her life.....she has always been interested in theatre, since she was a child and I've seen her grow into a young woman with an unaltered passion for anything to do with our bodies, our minds , how they interact, how they fight each other etc... I think that is what she does in dartington, learning more about herself, about others, deepening her understanding of life, trying to find her own meaning to see what she wants to do with all the years in front of her. She has decided to do that throught the theatre so i know she reads books about it by people that have thought about it , she does plenty of exercices with others students there learning how bodies can play together, how minds can learn together, she explores sounds and voices, she lets herself be, and give way to her imagination...That is how I see my daughter when I think of her, I know she is happy there and I am happy for her...michelle chiesa , her mother."
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My Father:
"You're in a part of England where the countryside is protected, where people live in little houses like hobbits in their holes and only come out in winter to scuttle off down to the shops or for a drink in the pub. The natural surroundings are beautiful, though the volume of traffic is out of all proportion to the size of the roads. The high streets smell of car fumes and fish and chip shops and the mustiness emanating from charity shops. In autumn and winter the climate is cold and damp but that's something you get used to after a while though it can tend to sap the morale. The supermarkets are barely signposted (a good thing) and sell organic baked beans (another good thing). I suppose you get up in the morning, stretch and do your yoga waking up exercises. Then, you go from your room on the campus across the park to one of the buildings where you meet the other students and the tutor or teacher. I imagine then that you embark on some awareness exercise or warming up technique for the main work of the day. I can imagine you all floating around the rooms wearing Isadore Duncan scarves, miming dance routines and being confronted in your certitudes of young adults by the experience of your teachers who are there to try to get the best out of you. Once or twice a week you go to a free style music class where you are encouraged to make sounds with anything that comes to hand. I think you have made some friends already and that you have passionate discussions with them on many different subjects (I hope so). I think you are in a nice environment and I'm glad you're spending some time in England which is one of the 2 country's of your parents. I think you have a genuine interest in learning to be an actress/ instigator of situations or whatever title is appropriate to what it is you are studying and partaking in.-Tony"
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My Brother:
"celine is learning, learning, learning. She is learning thatre, she is learning different countries, different way of living in her trips. She meet people, she talks with them. She is learning yoga, she is learning about her body but....she doesn't get anything out of it. or a little. she makes a cd slowly whose not complitely her creation. it's sound she's stolen around her, and she had a website in the past who is forgotten. Practicaly, all the creation she makes is for the school, english or french (beaux-arts) performances....sound..picture... She likes that the other see the cration she did but she doesn't want them to be commercialized. She is not doing theater for people that she doesn't see cause they will be in the black of the room. I think she wants to show her and her artistic-environment just for people she know. Cause like that she can speak with them after, cause she loves speak. It's maybe for that she is still in studies and do nothing to succede that more and more people know what she do. Actually, she is at school, and she enjoyed, so me i'm happy for her."