Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Tyler Thoennes
Vancouver, Washington USA



Father (Nick)
Tyler sleeps until 10AM almost everyday because he went to bed late the previous night. When he gets up he goes to the kitchen and eats two bowls of cereal. After fumbling around his apartment for a while, he takes his shower, checks his Internet e-mail, responds to a few, searches for a little info and heads off to class. At campus, he gets a coffee and goes to his classes. In between, he breaks out his notebook and does a little work on-line (wireless). After class, he heads over to the library, settles down and studies for an hour or two (or three). Then, he heads back home to get ready for work. Just in time for work, he gets to Safeway and works his shift, always thinking about his next job, his DAD, his friends and brother and Mom. Sometimes thoughts of his next job and his career job enter his mind. He dreams of working the ideal job that he enjoys--fun, good pay, job satisfaction, convenient to home, great co-workers, all in his nearby favorite town-Portland. Once in a while, Tyler will daydream about his early childhood when he enjoyed playing with his Dad, going on little mini-trips with his Dad and brother, just learning about life. He knows that his Dad loves him very much and also dreams about him--hoping that he makes the right choices in life and saves for his retirement with each paycheck. When Tyler gets off work he calls his friends and sometimes sees them at his apartment or their places. He plays video games and online games with them, but mostly he just enjoys hanging out with them. The pressure to get home and get his studies done for the day causes him to go home and study every evening about 8PM. When he gets home, he breaks out the books, makes his Dinner, settles in to read, researches the Internet and watches some TV in the background. After studying until mid-night most nights, Tyler gets tired and settles into bed. As he lies in his bed each night, he thinks about the enjoyment that day of seeing his friends and dreaming about a better day tomorrow. He plans his tomorrows by asking little pledges to himself to do the right thing and take the right action. He lingers off to sleep with these thoughts, knowing that his friends and family love him and will always be there to help him in need and share with him their joy of knowing him and being with him.
- - - - - - - - - -
Aunt (Gretchen)
I think each day you get up as late as possible unless you have an early class or have to work for some reason. I doubt you eat very much breakfast, rather just get to where you need as fast as you can. I also doubt that you take a shower early in the morning. I would bet that waits until later when you have more time. Then, I think you go to classes and do your homework. I am not sure if you are working or not, but if you are, then you fit that in also. I think you talk to your friends, and sit around as much as possible and either listens to music or play video games. A little TV watching should be worked into the mix. For lunch you probably have fast food as often as possible. If you cannot afford that every day, you probably make yourself a sandwich or some nachos. (By the way, when Erik was in graduate school, he made himself roasted garlic spread on toast every day for lunch.) I'm kind of thinking you are still working, so you also go to work. Then, you stay up as late as you possibly can and snack on anything you can find, doing homework and frittering around. When it is absolutely necessary than you go to bed. The next day you start this all over again. Weekends of course are different. Weekends you sleep as much as possible during the day and party all night.
- - - - - - - - - -
Brother (Jake)
What does Tyler do?
Tyler is the kind of guy that loves to hangout with his friends. If he's not playing the latest version of Halo 'online' with people from all over the country, then hes partying it up with a drink in both hand! He always makes time for his cousins, whether it be camping out on Erik (the weird one)'s lawn or hysterically laughing at a Family Guy episode with the Portland Posse. But occasionally he likes to do unconventional things that not every one gets chances to experience, like going hunting in Montana. Unfortunately, I fear that he spends a little too much time smoking the refer, which he needs to cut out if he has not already!
Recently he has started working at Safeway in Vancouver. Even though he hates working there, he earns the money necessary to buy the latest video games, pimp out his iPod, illegally drink alcohol, and have good clean stupid fun with his friends.