Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Sarah Wilson
St. Yrieex sous Aixe, FRANCE



Little sister
I think you are very busy right now working, but at the same time know how to find some time for yourself, especially when you know things are out of control. You overwork yourself sometimes though and that makes you extremly stressed out. Right now i think your main activities are working and finding out about how your relationship with Clemens works now that you guys get to be with each other. I think you are able to find balance in some areas of your life while still finding that other parts are still stressful. I think you live care-free but at the same time you still want to have things done a certain way that you will approve of. I thought of this because Mom and I were talking about how if youmight have kids you would make a good mother. I think you would be able to let them grow and find themselves in their own time, but still worry and want them to be successful and happy.
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Sarah spends her time with friends and family, discussing various issues and really enjoys dining out. She reads and does yoga; meditates and exercises to her videos. She also swims. She ran an ebay store and spent many hours advertising her wares and sending them out to buyers. Sarah also is a lifelong learner...always interested in finding out about new things.
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Little brother
i'm not quite sure wat it is your doin for a job, but i'm sure that learnin a new language is takin up some of your time. also re-ajusting to a new life somewhere else.