Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Jensen Beach
Florida, USA



(my room:)
mom: I told you, clean your room!
me: okaaaaay.
mom: don't you say "okay" to me, I told you yesterday to clean your room.
me: okay! okay! okay!
mom: and what is that pizza plate doing there? I told you, "once your finished with the pizza, bring the plate back out and throw it away!
me: yeah and I did. I got another pizza at 10, or 11.
mom: you still could've thown it away. its not far, only around the corner.
me: yeah well if I had a garbage can. you see that's what I don't get. can't I just have a garbage can?
mom: no! you can't!
me: why not!?
mom: because you don't need one.
me: yes I do! I mean it'd be kinda nice if I could throw stuff away without having to walk all the way out there.
mom: its not far. and that's it, your never eating in your room again!
me: uh huh sure.
dad: this is my house! my room you're destroying! once you buy your own stuff, then you can destroy that. but until then you're a bum. you're never eating in your room again.
me: OKAY. I just don't get why I can't have a garbage can.
(brothers room:)
me: you see this mom. josh has a garbage can.
mom: that's because he uses it. theres paper there and not overly stuffed liked yours used to be and theres no food! I don't want you eating in your room!