Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Los Angeles, California USA



Chumpa: Luv, can you save those pictures we took on my USB drive.
Papabear: Yeah, Sure, (rolls chair over next to his in front of computer for me to sit)
Chumpa: (looking at the screen)
Papabear: (Scrolling really fast and stopping)
Chumpa: (looking away with visible anger at the pornographic pictures on file)
Papabear: Opps!
Chumpa: Do you know those girls?
Papabear: No! I just downloaded them
Chumpa: Why? Do you wack off to them?
Papabear: No! I mean, every man has a collection...
Chumpa: (Upset) Do you have to put them out there like that? We are looking for our pictures!
Papabear: (laughing)
Chumpa: It's not funny, I don't want to have to sit and look through your museum of lovers!
Papabear: Museum of lovers? See baby, that's why I love you, you're an artist, "Museum of lovers" only an artist could think of that.
Chumpa: (thinking: what a moron, it's a no doubt lyric) How would you feel if you came over to my house and got on the lap top for some pictures and I had a bunch of pictures of naked men?
Papabear; It's different. First, I would never be involved with a woman who had pictures like that, she'd be my friend. I tell you why...
Chumpa: (no adjective made up yet for the look on face)
Papabear: Girls with stuff like this, in my experience are loose.
Chumpa: But not men? That's a bunch of bull, can you hear yourself?
Papabear; All men have pictures like these, ask your brother...
Chumpa: (Now sitting on the bed)
Well, that's fine, that's not why i'm upset. I'm upset because I have to sit thru this which is very disrespectful. I'm not asking you to delete, just put them in another file, apart from the ones of me and you. (Papabear: it's my computer don't look...
Chumpa: Are you serious? Is the fact that you're disrespecting me any of your concern?
Papabear: I hear what you're saying; I don't mean to disrespect you....
(only half the pictures Chumpa wants get saved into her drive, she pouts for the rest of the night, goes to sleep mad, has a horrible day at work)