Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Kate Flaherty
Chicago, Illinois USA



Me: No she wasn't here on Thursday. She was indisposed that morning.
Michelle: Kate!! Why did you tell him that? If he didn't know that i wasn't here then why would you tell him?
Me: I'm sorry. Besides he probably marked it down during attendance.
Michelle: He doesn't take attendance.
Me: Yes he does. he did on Thursday.
Michelle: No he didn't.
Me: How would you know? You weren't there.
Michelle: Marissa said he didn't.
Me: I bet he did. He always does. Besides Marissa was just as bad as you that morning except she made it to class.
Michelle: Kate, stop being such a bitch over this. He never has an attendance book out so how can he take it? And now he knows I wasn't there on Thursday.
Me: Whatever Michelle. I can't believe that you're mad at me over this. I know he takes attendance for a fact because he told me he did. And he probably already knew you weren't there and just forgot over the weekend. You aren't ever there on Thursdays anyway. It's kinda just a thing to expect.
Michelle: Yes I am!! I go everyday. I've only missed 4 classes all semester.
Me: Yeah and the semester is 9 weeks old and he's canceled class twice outta those 9 weeks.
Michelle: Whatever. Just next time keep your mouth shut.
Me: Fine Michelle.
Me: Are you still mad at me?
Michelle: No not anymore, I just kind of got carried away during it.
Me: Ok. Good.