Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Sabrina Harlan
Woonsocket, Rhode Island USA



Me: Did you call the phone company?
Jon: No, I didn't have a moment (rolls his eyes)
Me: You really need to call the phone company
Jon: I will, I will
Later that evening:
Me: You didn't call the phone company, and the lines are all shot. Maggie says the phone is doing that thing again. I had no way of getting a hold of you.
Jon: Yeah, I know, but I tried ringing the house
Me: I just bet you did, and you couldn't get through because it was shorted. And, you never lifted the hold so we can take collect calls for ER's. I heard the phone ring but it wasn't working right, so I just assumed it was you.
Jon: (staring out the window) Yeah
Me: Yeah, I know. But I did ask you to take care of this. How on earth did you miss the train?
Jon: I guess I got the time mixed up. I got there at 4:45 and jumped on the train, only after it departed did I realize I was on the wrong train.
Me: uh-huh.
Jon: WELL, I went to the end of the line turned back around and made it back for the 6:15
Me: But, we agreed 4:40. I waited there for you- I had no clue where I was going, and no money. I used my last bits of change to put gas in the car and to get to the registration. I went all the way back home, only to find that the phone was busted, and only had time to put the baby in the car and circle back here to get you. It's almost 8, I still have to go to the store, and I'm bone tired. UNBELIEVABLE!
Jon: Sorry.
Me: (Smirking) So, you've been sitting out here for the past hour and a half in the dark on the side of a closed store?
Jon: Yeah, I had my book.
(Staring and each other and shaking heads. Riding along in quiet to the house)
(Indistinct talking)
Me: Who were you talking to?
Jon: Nobody.
Me: I thought I heard voices.
The following evening
Jon: Did you notice anything?
Me: Yeah, as soon as I pulled up, I saw there is a new phone box outside.
Jon: (Big Grin) I called the phone company, set up the appointment, I called the house earlier but Maggie said she hadn't seen them. I wasn't sure if they were going to be here on time, but apparently they were.