Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Rochester, New York USA



KT: you're not going to use these for your apron though right? (trying on girl-scout pants that were in scrap fabric pile)
K-ho: I was thinking about it. it's thick fabric. (working on computer) they'll never fit me. I see they fit you, but they can't be comfortable, are they?
KT: (sporting them up past the belly button) well, no. but you can't use them! they're part of a vintage 4 piece set! Who paid for them anyway?
K-ho: I don't know. do you want me to give you money?
KT: no, no... I just... (lays down on the sofa)
K-ho: (slightly alarmed but smiling too) you're crying! (goes and sits on sofa)
KT: no I'm not! (sort of smiling and holding back goofy-tears, feeling afraid of losing the pants and skirt) I just don't want you to use them. You can't find these anymore.
K-ho: I don't get it though. I guess I could see you wearing the pants for about 10 minutes sometime. but I'm never going to wear them, and there's no way you'll wear the skirt. so let's turn it into something we are going to use.
KT: but it's a part of a set! I just want to hang them all up on a hanger!
K-ho: I really don't understand. we'll talk about it later and you can explain it to me. I won't use it now though; I promise.
KT: okeay... I still need to read that article about hoarding you were talking about. I'll try to explain it, but...