Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Dayton, Ohio USA



me: please, i still really want to talk to you..just let me come.
tyler: no, no, i dont want to see you, i dont want to talk to you anymore today.
me: im not going to like run up to you and punch you in the face and yell.
tyler: i am exhausted...we've been arguing for hours, i really just dont want to talk to you anymore.
me: you wont be mad by the time i get there, in fact go skate for a while or somthing to cool off and call me when your done and ill come then...so you arent so mad anymore.
tyler: this is literally the most frustrated i have ever been with you...not even you, ever.
me: shit..thanks.
tyler: i want to enjoy seeing you, if i see you tonight i wont and that sucks for both of us.
me: please tyler, i want you to know i can do this.
tyler: do what?
me: i can just talk and be cool and be friends and not argue about anything or guilt trip you.
tyler: this always happens, you make me do somthing and then we end up talking about this and arguing again.
me: i wont, really, i promise.
tyler: and dont do that shit where i try to leave and you keep making me get back in the car.
me:...i wont..
tyler: whatever come as soon as you can i want to get this over with.
me: well, no! i'm not, i dont want to anymore.
tyler: SHIT kyle, call me when you are here.
me: fine, ill try to be there as soon as i can.
tyler: alright
me: okay..
me: are you waiting for somthing?
tyler: no i was just waiting for you to hang up.
me:i was just waiting for you to say bye..
tyler: fine
me: okay...?
tyler: okay,