Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Calgary, CANADA



stephen: Ahum. You need me to take pictures of you? We barely have any room
lindsay: What? you're so doomsy. of course we have room. we'd make room.
stephen: Where?
lindsay: Against a wall here, or in the bedroom.
stephen: We have to move shit, then.
lindsay: That's no reason not to do something.
stephen: No... but it's still... a pain. moving stuff, that is.
lindsay: I can rig it myself, don't worry love
stephen: Okay. you tell me what you want me to do.
lindsay: You don'thave to do a thing.
stephen: Don't you need a photographer?
lindsay: Not if you don't feel like getting involved.
stephen: No, I am happy to be involved... I just don't know where in the house we'd take the picture. Do you have an idea?
lindsay: The way to get something done is decide to do it and then figure it out as you go.
stephen: I have many worries right now.
lindsay: I know. Will you always?
stephen: No, not always... but I want to have the feeling you understand them and share them a little. At the moment I feel like I'm carrying a lot on my own.
lindsay: I do. What would you like me to do to help you?
stephen: Well, take your car, for example -- that's a concern to me... if it's really as fucked up as it appears to be, then we've spent $700 for nothing. I don't want to just ignore the problem, I want to develop a solution...
lindsay: Yeah.
stephen: And with not being able to take a paycheque this month, I'm really tapped...
sorry... I don't mean to be a drag...
...I just found a place that sells honda corner lights - original -- for $50 US. Not bad.
lindsay: Oooh.
stephen: Thing is... if you have a blown head gasket... that's a $500 dollar repair
And then we haven't even dealt with the gasoline fume issue. I think this car was held together with dust or oil, because now that it's been cleaned and it's been in this climate, it's like everything is shifting and leaking. Did I put the repair manual in your car?
lindsay: I don't know.
stephen: $4000 would buy us a usable vehicle
lindsay: It would also buy me two semesters in art school... or 2 1/2 immigrations.
stephen: so... what do we do with the car, then?
lindsay: Or...
stephen: After all that...
lindsay: Let me think about it
stephen: It has 350,000 km on it... lots of stuff is likely to fail now.
lindsay: Let me think about it
stephen(reading from web site): "88 Honda Accord, fully loaded, recent motor change, new muffler, brakes & tune up, alignment & much more, $2850, Richard Tel: 403-XXX-XXXX"
stephen: Are you okay, sweetheart?
lindsay: Yes.
stephen: You probly hate when I ask that.
lindsay: Naw.
stephen: Oh good.
(Stephen is uploading some digital pictures and finds some old sexy ones)
stephen: uh, not that one
lindsay (laughing): should I just use one of those photos?