Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Melissa Menake and Alan Semerdjian
New York, New York USA



Melissa: Here, does this taste like coffee? (Offers Alan a lick of her cone.)
Alan: (Trying it.) Not really. A little. It's very subtle.
Melissa: It tastes like caramel and I hate caramel.
Alan: Maybe they got some caramel on it from mine. Wanna try mine? I have coffee in mine.
Melissa: No thanks.
Alan: Why? You don't like mine?
Melissa: You mixed too many things in it.
Alan: You want me to return yours?
Melissa: Leave me the fuck alone.
Alan: It's not a big deal. I could just return it. (He pauses.) I can't eat anymore of this shit.
Melissa: Don't embarrass me! Eat it all.
Alan: I can't eat it. It's too much sugar.
Melissa: Why the hell did you bring me here?
Alan: You are the one who wanted ice cream in the first place. We could have got Italian ices. Look it's not a big deal. I could just get you another one.
Melissa: This damn mosquito! (Swats around her head.)
Alan: I got it. (Rolls up a newspaper.)
Melissa: No. It flew away. Stop I don't want to get bit. You can't do anything right. Ow!
Alan: What's a matter?
Melissa: I think it bit me.
Alan: What's the problem with caramel anyway?
Melissa: I had this friend in 3rd grade, Sal Caramello and he used to sneak up to me and pick up my skirt. I hated his guts, so I can't stand the flavor. It reminds me of him.
Alan: Well, I'm not Sal and this is not 3rd grade.
Melissa: You bastard.