Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Kate Mott
Richmond, Virginia USA



Kate: Well we still have to fight on the beach
Bridget: Ohh you're goin down
Kate: (Laughing), nope, denial...it's okay Bridget, to admit your weak, I won't think MUCH less of you
Bridget: I am not in denial
Kate: (giggling) SURE you aren't
Bridget: I am just being honest
Kate: Bridget honesty is OVERRATED; I've been practicing my Kung Fu...
Bridget: (laughs)
Kate: and I know you are just lying to yourself when you say that you will beat me
Bridget: oh kate kate kate
Kate: because...quite frankly...you are going to be THROWN in the VERY cold OCEAN and lose your shoes
Bridget exclaims: not my precious shoes
Kate: ok, just your socks then, (laughs) so what do I get when I win?
besides the satisfaction of seeing you SOAKING WET, which is just plain HOT
Bridget: (laughs), it doesn't matter what you get because you won't win bwahahahah
Kate: oh such an evil laugh...but it's okay to be wrong, I forgive you (laughs)
Bridget smiling: how kind of you
Kate: I'm just a giving person, ask anyone that's a liar
Bridget laughing: well I could take you AND Tori
Kate: oh now...lets not just get into a fantasy, that is just plain WRONG (laughing)
Bridget: ahahahahaha
Kate: what about ani?
Bridget: ani rules
Kate: could you take the three of us?
Bridget: absolutely, Ani is short
Kate: (giggling) oh...so you think that makes me an easy TARGET HUH?
Bridget laughing hard: I didn't say that, out loud
Kate: AH HAHAHA, well...you just keep thinking what you want. You, me and the ocean, (dramatic pause) ITS ON!
Bridget: yes ma'am
Kate: you are going to be SO cold and wet ...I'll bring a towel...because I'm nice like that
Bridget: groovy!
Kate: so you ARE looking forward to being all sand and wet...well that is optimistic of you
Bridget: I am all about a grood mess, but I wont be the messy one
Kate: oh really? wow...are you going to have someone defend you or something?
Bridget's laughing evilly
Kate: because it's going to take more than just you to keep me from getting YOU wet
Bridget: you don't stand a chance
Kate: you are in DENILE, but I hear it's a warm river, so that's ok. Sorry.....TERRIBLE PUN
Bridget: (Laughs) ahahahahaha I love it
Kate: giggling, good I'm glad (grins), so this is going to be a wonderful fight ... you all wet.
Bridget: I'm sure my hair will decide to do something ridiculous, but that's not the point! because it won't be wet
Kate: yah, It will be and sandy.
Bridget: hehehe! Sand between my toesssss!
Kate: and on your face and in your hair. EVERYWHERE!!!
Bridget: bahh
Kate: I just speak the truth...tell you what...I'll even give you coconut rum...since I feel bad about you being all wet and everything...it will help warm you up ... all though, I could help with that
Bridget: all of the above! ohh Kate, i need a nap before I die, but I will talk to you later gater!
Kate: it's been most excellent dudette...as always
Bridget laughing: of course, damn if I would have known this was the fight I could have done better
Bridget: bwahahah, groodnite!