Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Amanda Owen-Doerr
Lincoln, Nebraska USA



Terri: Hey, I've been meaning to ask you a question for a while now. Why are you such a liar?
Me: What do you mean by "Liar" do you mean I lie all the time or just some of the time, because if you are accusing me of being an all time liar than you are really barking up the wrong tree, Terri Ann!
Terri: Well, for example, you tell people you can't stand the smell or sight of meat but the other day you said "that salted ham sure smells good", so that makes YOU a liar!
Me: You are so self serving! I was doing that for MOM! I have no interest in salted OR regular ham but I knew she worked hard on that salted meat dish and so I thought I would say something NICE! But thanks for using that against me Terri Ann!
Terri: I only know that you lie. You have always lied. You can't stop and you never will. You've done it for 36 years and you love it!
Me: You're RIGHT, Terri Ann! I DO love lying. And you know what else? The only people who hate it are those who get the wool pulled over their eyes because they're so STUPID...LIKE YOU TERRI ANN...JUST LIKE YOU!!!