Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Jennifer Paul
Denton, Texas USA



Me: 2 for American Gangster
(received tickets from movie guy)
Me: Thank you
Aaron: American Gangster? I thought we were going to see P2?
Me: Yeah, but that plays later and you said you didn't want to go later.
Aaron: Yeah, but if I'd of known we were coming to see this movie...I don't want to see another gangster movie. I'm not going to complain or anything, I'm just saying.
Me: Well, do you wanna go?
Aaron: No, I just, I thought we decided that we were going to see P2.
Me: No, you told me that you didn't care what we saw and that you just wanted to get out of the house. Do you want some popcorn? candy? soda? (we walk up to the concessions)
Aaron: Yeah. But we watched all the trailers and we decided that we would see P2. I didn't know you changed your mind. I just didn't want to see this movie.
Me: Well, that's why I said at the house we didn't have to rush and we could wait and go to a later show, but you said you didn't want to see a later show, so I figured, there's a show playing at 8:10 and we could go. And this was the show that was playing.
Aaron: Yeah, but you didn't say anything to me about this being the show.
(At the concession stand)
Me: What do you want? Candy?
Aaron: Nothing.
Me: You just said you wanted something. What do you want? (to the cashier) Medium popcorn please.
Aaron: (to the cashier) Butterfinger. (cashier hands him a Butterfinger) Thanks. It's just that watching Denzel Washington on screen, it's like taking a shit. And Russell Crowe....
Me: Well, maybe you'll learn something new about taking a shit.